Inspired by the current situation on our planet Earth, this project is driven by the need to understand the spreading feeling of Solastalgia. 
Speaking about environmental and climate change with their causes and looking at the consequences of human activity.
Observing and expressing the emotions that solastalgia implies.



The soil's infertility is a reminder of the intricate relationship between the Earth and all living things.
When the soil becomes infertile due to pollution and degradation, it loses its ability to support healthy plant growth. 
The barren, lifeless soil is a symbol of the disconnection and disregard for the natural world that has led us to this point, and a call to action to restore the land and heal our relationship with the Earth.

Anxiety 01
Anxiety 01


The experience of solastalgia involves feelings of loss and distress associated with environmental change.
With the sense of disconnection that comes with it, people may experience a sense of helplessness and uncertainty that can exacerbate feelings of anxiety.


Coral Bleaching

Coral bleaching is a phenomenon which occurs when corals are stressed by changes in conditions such as temperature, light, or nutrients.
They expel the symbiotic algae living in their tissues, causing them to turn completely white and potentially leading them to death.
Human activity plays a significant role in these events, as factors like climate change, pollution, and unsustainable fishing practices contribute to the deterioration of coral reefs worldwide. Healthy oceans provide many benefits such as biodiversity, food resources, oxygen production, climate regulation, and coastal protection. They support millions of species and contribute to the balance of our planet's ecosystems.



is a fundamental necessity for human life, but it also holds the intangible essence of all existence and the bonds we share with the world around us.
Climate change and air pollution are closely linked issues, both driven by the same factors that are prevalent in cities. By reintroducing greenery and plants to urban environments, we can create a more welcoming and balanced environment, and restore our connection to the natural world.



In addition to the overwhelming sense of loss, Solastalgia can also evoke feelings of insignificance and powerlessness.
It can be challenging to reconcile the enormity of the climate crisis with our individual ability to effect change.
However, it's essential to remember that every small action can contribute to collective efforts that make a significant impact.


Laetitia Dumez
London & Paris

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